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This WebSite is dedicated to Frank Wells and Jason Raize.

Frank G. Wells
President of the Walt Disney Company, 1984-1994.

Fearless explorer and tireless executive, Frank spread the magic that is Disney far and wide, allowing projects such as The Lion King to become reality. Frank's leadership and creativity will be greatly missed.

Jason Raize Rothenberg
Actor and Friend

Jason Raize Rothenberg, or Jay as he was known to his friends, originated the role of Simba in The Lion King the Broadway Musical. His tireless dedication and innovative talent brought the young Lion King to life for over 1,000 sold out performances at the New Amsterdam Theatre.

Never too tired to take a moment to speak with a fan or sign a playbill, Jason embodied what many actors hope to become. Having moved on from Broadway to voice talent for Disney's Brother Bear, his career was a shining star that made all of us proud.

Jay left us far too soon. He will be missed, and remembered, always.