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March 26, 2008
By: Belinda Peuser (email)

Hi Steve

Is there any chance of getting a better quality version of the Leb M performance of the Circle of Life from the opening of the Animal Kingdom?

Can you please email me and let me know.



 Maintainer's Response: I'll have to dig into my old archives and see what the source quality is like. Stay tuned. :)

November 11, 2007
By: Anonymous

When you add to this site some pictures of simba s pride????

 Maintainer's Response: They're coming. :)

October 31, 2007
By: Knotboubbax (email)

good site :) Whish you good luck!

August 5, 2007
By: Just me (email)

Hi! I totaly love your site, just one thing: is it me, or did you acualy film the SP clips from a t.v.??? And are you going to upload any LK 1 1/2 clips to this site? Anyways, nice vid.

 Maintainer's Response: If you mean the cut scenes, no, they came from an early work print of the film.

May 24, 2007
By: Jordanslion king (email)

Your page is awesome, just put music
I can help you with the music
Can you feel the love tonight is my favorite song, the best song in the history, i have it in aprox. 30 languajes

 Maintainer's Response: Actually, there is a media player on the site, you just have to work a little to find it. :)

April 16, 2007
By: Anonymous

Nice site!But...where are the screen captures for the lionking 2 and TLK 1 1/2?!?

 Maintainer's Response: They're coming. I re-captured all of the original TLK images and such into a much higher resolution, and the same treatment will follow with the other films soon.