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The Lion King the Broadway Musical: Media


  Description Type Aspect Run Time
Click to play. Circle of Life. The breathtaking opening act of Lion King, as performed live shortly after the Broadway debut. MPEG1 Video 320x240 03:56
Click to play. He Lives In You. The combined special version of "He Lives In You", as performed live. MPEG1 Video 320x240 03:15
Click to play. Heather Headley's emotionally charged performance of "Shadowland" on The Late Show with David Letterman. MPEG1 Video 320x240 03:53
Click to play. Jason Raize performs "Endless Night" live. (Some video degredation due to source) MPEG1 Video 320x240 03:44
Click to play. A collage of scenes from Lion King, arranged with the score. MPEG1 Video 320x240 00:28
Click to play. A brief interview with Julie Taymor, Director of Lion King. MPEG1 Video 320x240 01:56


  Description Type Play Time
Click to play. Circle of Life, performed live by the original cast. MP3 Audio 03:58
Click to play. He Lives in You, special condensed version, performed live. MP3 Audio 03:15
Click to play. Shadowland, performed live by Heather Headley and Tsidii Le Loka. MP3 Audio 03:53
Click to play. Endless Night, performed live by Jason Raize. MP3 Audio 03:41