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Simba's Pride (1998)

  October 27th, 1998 was a date marked in the minds of many Lion King fans. The long awaited sequel to Disney's masterpiece The Lion King was released to eager fans.

  Simba's Pride continues the Lion King saga with the next generation of the pride. Shorter then the original, Simba's Pride weighs in at 75 minutes total length.

  Much of the original Lion King cast returns including Matthew Broderick (Simba), Moira Kelly (Nala), Nathan Lane (Timon), Ernie Sabella (Pumbaa), and Robert Guillaume (Rafiki). As well, a special surprise was the appearance of Heather Headley from The Lion King, the Broadway Musical who sings one of the five new songs of Simba's Pride, "Love will find a Way" with Grammy-nominated artist Kenny L.

The Cast of Simba's Pride
Matthew Broderick
Cam Clarke
Moira Kelly
Jason Marsden
Gene Miller
Neve Campbell
Liz Callaway
Zoe Leader
Robert Guillaume
James Earl Jones
Lacey Chabert
Charity Sanoy
Adam Wylie
Suzanne Pleshette
Andy Dick
Jennifer Lien
Crystal Macalush
Edward Hibbert
Nathan Lane
Ernie Sabella
Simba (voice) 
Simba (singing) 
Nala (voice) 
Adult Kovu (voice) 
Adult Kovu (singing)
Adult Kiara (voice)
Adult Kiara (singing)
Sarafina (voice)
Rafiki (voice) 
Mufasa (voice) 
Young Kiara (voice)
Young Kiara (singing)
Young Kovu (voice)
Zira (voice) 
Nuka (voice) 
Vitani (voice)
Vitani (singing)
Timon (voice) 
Pumbaa (voice) 
Additional Voice Talents
Edward Hibbert
Jim Cummings
Ryan O'Donhue
Michelle Horn
Meredith Scott Lynn
Jeannine Roussel
Rob LaDuca
Darrell Rooney
Jonathan Cuba
Flip Kobler
Cindy Marcus
Mark McCorkle
Bill Motz
Gregory Poirier
Bob Roth
Robert Schooley
Linda Voorhees
Jenny Wingfield        
Original Score By
Nick Glennie-Smith