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Simba's Pride (1998): Movies

  Description Type Aspect Run Time
Click to play. He Lives in You. The opening sequence to Simba's Pride. MPEG1 Video 320x240 02:41
Click to play. We Are One. Simba teaches Kiara about the great circle of life. MPEG1 Video 320x240 03:24
Click to play. Zira's Lullabye. Zira prepares to train Kovu to follow in Scar's pawprints. MPEG1 Video 320x240 02:50
Click to play. Upendi. What can we say about Upendi? Well, it's a love song. I guess. MPEG1 Video 320x240 02:41
Click to play. One of Us. A powerful scene in which Kovu is exiled from the pride lands. MPEG1 Video 320x240 02:34
Click to play. Love will find a way. Kovu and Kiara's love scene. MPEG1 Video 320x240 02:45
Click to play. Kovu plays with a bug. This is an early animation of a scene cut from the final verison of Simba's Pride. MPEG1 Video 320x240 00:44
Click to play. Rafiki and Mufasa. This is another early animation, cut from the final version. MPEG1 Video 320x240 00:52
Click to play. Nuka and Vitani. Several hours of early animation went in to this scene, which was cut. MPEG1 Video 320x240 01:02
Click to play. Nuka dies. This is a longer early version of Nuka's death, with much more character depth. MPEG1 Video 320x240 00:33
Click to play. Zira dies. This is yet another early cut scene in which Zira dies. MPEG1 Video 320x240 00:47