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Over the years, a great many people have been instrumental in the creation of this web site. They are listed below. Recognized or not, I give everyone my deepest thanks for helping me make this site a reality.

First, I would like to thank The Walt Disney Company. They created a film that touched me in a way nothing had before. The same is true for a great many others, and we all owe Disney a great debt of gratitude for their amazing work. I think the world is a better place because of it.


Why in the world would someone spend hundreds if not thousands of hours doing intensive programming, graphic design, and video editing for a kid's movie? As soon as we figure it out, we'll tell you.

Seriously though, the reasons behind the creation of Digital are many and varied. The simple answer, is that The Lion King and Disney have done a lot for people over the years, and especially with The Lion King. Not least of all, they have both done a lot for the creators and maintainers of this site. As such, we like to give a little something back to the fans of such an amazing creative work.


All of the HTML and Perl code for Digital is written by hand, without the use of any graphical editors. Early programming was done on a unix platform of some sort, running either Pico, Vim, or Emacs. Currently, the codebase is written using BBedit on MacOS X.

All graphical design work is done using Adobe Photoshop under MacOS X. All video and audio media is captured via a Blackmagic Design DeckLink interface, talking to Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid XpressDV, running on MacOS X.