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The Lion King (1994): Movies

  Description Type Aspect Run Time
Click to play. Circle Of Life. The majestic opening sequence of the film. MPEG4 Video 405x241 04:02
Click to play. Just can't wait to be King. Simba and Nala pull a fast one on Zazu. MPEG4 Video 405x241 02:29
Click to play. Mufasa teaches Simba about the Great Kings of the Past. MPEG4 Video 405x241 02:38
Click to play. Scar plots the death of the King. MPEG4 Video 405x241 03:08
Click to play. Timon and Pumbaa help Simba forget about his troubles, with Hakuna Matata! MPEG4 Video 405x241 04:05
Click to play. Simba tries to cope with the loss of his father. MPEG4 Video 405x241 02:00
Click to play. Simba, Timon and Pumbaa find an unexpected visitor. MPEG4 Video 405x241 00:57
Click to play. Can you feel the love tonight? MPEG4 Video 405x241 01:43
Click to play. Simba discovers that his father lives on in him. MPEG4 Video 405x241 01:14
Click to play. Simba retruns to his home. MPEG4 Video 405x241 00:20
Click to play. Timon comes up with a rather unorthadox method of distracting the Hyenas. MPEG4 Video 405x241 00:24
Click to play. Simba learns the truth of Scar's treachery. MPEG4 Video 405x241 00:53
Click to play. Simba takes his rightful place as King. MPEG4 Video 405x241 02:35
Click to play. An early version of "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" which, unfortunately, never made it to the final film. This version is considered by most to be considerably better in all respects. MPEG1 Video 320x240 03:11
Click to play. The original Theatrical Trailer for The Lion King. MPEG1 Video 320x240 02:20
Click to play. "Hakuna Matata" slow motion version. (Shows Timon and Pumbaa's funny poses). MPEG1 Video 320x240 00:31
Click to play. A special version of "Circle of Life" performed by Lebo M. for the opening of Disney's Animal Kingdom. MPEG1 Video 320x240 02:54
Click to play. Another special version of "Circle of Life" performed for the opening of Disney's Animal Kingdom. MPEG1 Video 320x240 01:03
Click to play. Michael Eisner speaks about Disney's new Animal Kingdom. MPEG1 Video 320x240 01:01